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Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards are made in the USA at our New York Factory and are manufactured using the finest “GREEN” ecologically friendly materials and processes.

Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards are made of tempered safety glass and we incorporate special coatings to allow for decades of crisp clear use. Unlike standard “white boards”, your Krystal™ Glass Writing Boards will never ghost, dent or yellow with age.



We are growing rapidly and looking for hard working sales professionals to Join Our Team!


Is the position a W-2 job or a 1099 independent contractor role?

The position is an independent contractor position and you will receive a 1099 at the end of the calendar year.  Please see your accountant regarding any tax questions.

Are expenses, such as personal mileage, reimbursed?

No, those expenses are paid by the independent contractor, but most prospects are in your local area.

The video mentions that Krystal provides “all the tools you need” to be successful.  Can you provide details?

We have extensive training available online, 24/7, as well as weekly team training calls covering product training (features and benefits of Krystal Glass Writing Boards), presentation role plays, Q&A, rep experiences, goals setting and achieving, time and activity management, stages in the sales process, and more.

Corporate provides reps with marketing supplies, business cards, product sample boards, and a seat in our CRM system.

What is the minimum sales quota for a part time role? Full time?

We have not set a minimum sales quota, however inactive reps will not be carried indefinitely, as neither the rep nor Krystal benefits from such a situation.

 Would I be generating all my own prospects, or does Krystal also provide leads? Is there a minimum of the number of prospects required to be added?

Since your compensation is based on sales, your earning potential is based on your ability to close prospects. Corporate will enter the leads of at least ten architects and ten interior designers in your area, and provide you with the marketing materials you will need to establish relationships with them that will begin to fill your pipeline.

We will explore together the vertical that you are most passionate about such as healthcare, corporate, hospitality, education, retail, and show you how to easily obtain contact information for the ones in your area. You will then add them to our CRM using a personalized lead entry form we create for you to expedite this process.

Although there is no minimum number required, each rep is required to submit a weekly activity report to corporate at the end of the business day each Friday including their totals for the four key performance indicators:

·       Leads Added to CRM

·       Presentations Completed

·       Prospects Closed

·       Gross Sales

The video talks about inviting prospects to see a PowerPoint tailored to their business.  Who creates the PPT?  Does Krystal provide templates?  Are these invitations to view a virtual presentation, or an in-person meeting?  

Corporate has prepared these presentations, which can be further tweaked by the individual reps. The slides and scripts are available on our training portal.

To maximize a reps potential to close sales, we recommend an in-person meeting. Prospects get very excited when they actually see our product and envision the solutions we can provide.

If a rep were to close a business that also had offices in other cities, a virtual presentation would be appropriate.

Why is an MP3 recording device needed? 

An MP3 recording device is needed to record your role plays during the training phase, and your initial contact calls to prospects for self-evaluation. Listening to oneself and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses you hear is one of the best ways to improve.  These recordings are for the reps, but may also be shared with your sales trainer if a rep requests feedback.


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